The Six Levels of Leadership in the Martial Arts

There are many books on Leadership out there… all of which I have read.  Ha – not really, but I wish.  It seems like all the Leadership books out there are about business, the military, or self improvement, but very few are specific to the Martial Arts.

I started plotting this stuff out on my own a few years ago.  Along the way, I’ve discovered other visionaries who have done similar work (Adam Parman, Brannan Beliso, & Roland Osborne) …  it’s just that their info is all exclusive to their paid members, consulting clients and/or affiliated schools… and I totally understand why.  I mean, after they spent all their time creating all of that stuff, why would they just give it away?

Well, I thought I would share what I’ve put together because I want all instructors out there to be better.  Maybe someday, somebody can convince me to package this correctly and sell it in the future, but for now – here is the start of it at least.

I am in the process of applying this material to our instructor training program called STORM (Special Team of Role Models) at our Dojo in Santa Barbara.

Outline: There are 6 types of Leaders in our program:

  1. Role Model – has a Black Belt Attitude and upholds the tenets on and off the mat.
  2. Leader – is an encouragement and inspiration to others; focused on being the best example in the class.
  3. Assistant Instructor – is focused on gaining floor experience, by holding paddles, and teaching segments of class.
  4. Instructor – instructs and retains students up to Level 2; focused on teaching the curriculum accurately; is able to follow and modify a lesson plan.
  5. Advanced Instructor – instructs and retains students up to Level 3 ; focused on teaching the curriculum affectively; is able to create and improve lesson plans.
  6. Senior Instructor – instructs and retains Black Belts & Instructors; focused on developing and advancing the curriculum.

More to come!

If you want more details on our STORM program, please reach out via email: austin (at) kickboxers dot com.